Terms of Use

Hi, my name is Dima, and I wrote the Space application that you are currently using :)

By continuing to use it, you agree to this agreement:

Data transfer

I dont pass on any of your data to anyone (including myself), for example notes, photos, but I can’t guarantee that Firebase does not (statistics from Google), I leave a link to their Privacy Policy

Product quality

The application is provided "as is". I try to quickly fix bugs, but still the application can crash, this happens, but rarely

Application Links

The free version of the application may contain AdMob ads (Google)

Accordingly, I am not responsible for applications that are advertised and have nothing to do with them (I think this is understandable, but still)


You guarantee not to abuse the application for bad purposes, for example, if you find a bug in the server side. I would be grateful if you tell me about it, thank you!)


You can contact me with any questions - probiserov@gmail.com

Last Agreement Modified August 30, 2019